Wednesday, 18 May 2011

CCIE Wireless Version 2

Well its finally here after a few months of rumour and speculation the CCIE Wireless version 2 has been announced today. The changes will impact the written and lab exams and brings the CCIE Wireless bang upto date, well as of today anyway, we may have different code versions available when it lands.

The CCIE Wireless v2 will be available from 18th November 2011 which is Cisco standard 6 months advanced notice.

There will be a beta written in July at $50 which is great news however the results of betas usually come out a few weeks after you take it rather than getting the good news on the computer at the end of the exam.

So whats new?

The exam will be written around code version 7.0 MR1 which is bang upto date. SOme things from current code 4.2 will be easier but there are a lot of new features incorporated.

Here is a brief overview at first glance of new things.

VSS - Would be cool to have that in a home lab but I think I might cause a domestic?

Office Extend - not too much of a biggy

CleanAir - Awesome again relatively straight forward

VideoStream - Will be interesting

Context Aware Service

MSE - Hopefully you will be able to get access to this somehow!

Client link

Band select

NAC - Will have to get my head around this as its a big subject in itself depending on how far you need to go.

All in all a great refresh and will be a real challenge, anyone sitting the lab is going to be challenged and busy and it will hopefully stop people thinking wireless is easy. There looks like a lot more but I think the subject matter has been broken down more.

No comment on which version of ACS we will be using and no comment as to wether the OEQs have been dropped which I know for many is quite scary as to fail on just 4 questions is a killer, some people just freeze up a bit on the day or may not articulate exactly enough information on the day.

For more details here are the blueprints written and lab

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