Tuesday, 27 April 2010

New Access Points and Code from Cisco

Cisco have just launched several new and exciting products to to enhance and extend their existing wireless portfolio.

First off is the 3500 series access point available in a variety of flavours. Theres the 3500i wth integrated 4.0 dBi antennas on the 2.4 GHz radios and 3.0 dBi on the 5.0 GHz radio. There is also a 3500e for more challenging environments supporting external antennas. Each available as single or dual band.

The key feature though is the Cisco's CleanAir Technology which makes this the industry's first 802.11n access points to create a self-healing, self-optimizing wireless network.

There is also a new isco 1260 series access point which very much looks like a replacement for the 1250. A major advantage being that it can be powered with standard 802.3af PoE. This is designed for indoor challenging environments with external antennas.

Finally there is the announcement of Cico Unified Wireless Network Software Release 7.0, hooray, well for me anyway as I hope there are one or two resolved caveat so I can get a few upgrades done.

I will get a little more time later in the week for a better update and include some details on CleanAir Technology and feature enhancements in Cisco Unified Wireless Network Software Release 7.0

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