Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Shiny Shiny iPad

Well as I posted a while ago I was one of the winners of the CWSP competition. I am glad it was then and not now as I have been busy. However I did win the iPad and much to my disappointment and a few circumstances beyond my control I have not had the time to get right into it, however thats about to change.

I will be setting the iPad up properly tomorrow, my usage will be mainly for reading and studying, usually in bed as its much easier to lie back with the iPad than a laptop so I have to get a pdf reader on it and download some material. Shouldn't be too hard but everything has to go through iTunes which I was not a fan of, maybe thats changed, we shall see.

My first impressions though were great, out of the box it connected straight away to my secure wireless network, I haven't tried it with PEAP or other higher level security yet but I am sure I will.

Surfing the web is easy if a little clunky when you are used to tabbed browsing, maybe theres and app for that.

I liked the quality of the screen, very clear and bright even thoug a little small its a good size to pick up and read from. Zoom capability is great and really responsive.

All in all I am quite pleased and will be making use of it, target to get some material loaded onto it tomorrow and look at other apps in due course.

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