Friday, 12 November 2010


Well after last week taking the CCDA I sat the AWLANSE today and passed. I didn't want to take it on the same day as my CCDA as I was under so much pressure with the CCDA it was untrue.

The exam was not hard but alot of the questions were a little dated, nothing at all on 802.11n and quite a bite on the WLSE, which I have only seen two of and do not like working with.

All in all a fair test but if you don't read wireless guff as a hobby, particularly Cisco it will be a struggle to study for as there is no real training material apart from the Cisco course.

Quite a few of the questions had me scratching my head and there were a lot of questions for a 75 minute exam. It was either know it or guess and move on.

Passing this also achieves a career milestone for me which I am really pleased about.

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