Friday, 12 November 2010

Whats next?

Well over the last few months some of the things I have wanted to study have been on the back burner as I was really struggling wiith the CCDA, now thats out of the way I can focus on a few things.

I have to take my CCNP R&S for career developement which is fine, just do not want to tackle another design exam. I struggle with business goals, technical goals etc and how they differ from constraints, sometimes the differences are subtle. The CCNP wil be a milestone, the ROUTE xam is the one I will struggle with most bu I have done a littel studying and its actually making sense.

My wireless exams I will get though as time permits as there are quite a few of them. CWNA, CWSP and the two new exams from the good people at CWNP and also the CCNP Wireless.

The CCNP R&S is going to take up much of my study time and I will be labbing alot, the CCNP Wireless I should be able to get through pretty easily. The CWNP exams well I think they are a different level as they test your understanding of the core concepts rather than deployment so I have to make sure my concepts are solid. Good thing is I know where I need to focus and I understand all of the wireless stuff unlike the CCNP R&S some of which has me scratching my head.

All in all i have about 12 or 13 exams to do, will it be worth it in the end? Well I guess I can only answer that later when I am getting towards my goals. At the end of the day its a journey not a destination.

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