Sunday, 12 December 2010

CCNP Route

Well blogging has taken a bit of a back sat over recent months as I have been really busy with work. However now there is a little hiatus its back to studying.

I was really lucky to be invited onto a Cisco CCNP Route Beta course delivered over the web which was interesting. first the course content was excellent as was the presenter. However it was difficult to stay focused on a webinar for 8 hours a day over 5 days.

That said it certainly filled some knowledge gaps and gave me an understanding of all the content.

Some of the ROUTE content terified me, notably BGP and OSPF which is not good as thats half the course. However I feel alot more confident now that I have some knowledge to build on and neither looks too scary. That said I have a lot to learn.

As well as hopefully posting a bit more on wireless which is my first love I will also post on my CCNP endeavours which will help me memorise the various parts.

For studying I have my lab and GNS3 and will be using some Trainsignal vidos along with Odoms CCNP ROUTE book and the CCNP ROUTE Lab book. I hope thats enough to see me through!

Time scales, well thats a hard question to answer but I am giving myself 6 weeks of hard study to get to grips with it and then review where I am upto. Starting off listening to all the videos and reading the book while doing some labs to aid understanding. Then just lots of labs and back to the videos before the exam.

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