Thursday, 23 December 2010

CSCth51156 - Extracting Custom Web Authentication Tar Package May Fail on 5500 WLC

Well I came across a bug that really threw me, basically all those years making tar files and now I had to find a Unix tool to do it. I didn’t use gnuwin32 as it was a nightmare to find and install but Cygwin was awesome, loaded staright away and had my head around it in about 30 minutes.

Also you need to purchase PowerArchiver which I always hate buying software when there are free options available.

When running WLC code on a 5508 WLC, the tar extraction process may fail generating the following error:

Error extracting webauth files.

This condition only occurs on a 5508 running the code. The same
package can be loaded on a 4404 running successfully, and also to a 5508 running

Create .tar package using the following command on UNIX or Windows (via
tar -cvf login.tar < file1> < file2> < file#>...

PowerArchiver 2010 for Windows (GUI) - Package as Tar, Store

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