Friday, 3 February 2012

CCNP Wireless - CUWSS

Finally sat down and took the first of my CCNP Wireless exams, and passed.

OK its generally agreed that this probably is not the hardest of the CCNP exams but there are a few questions that could trip you up. Even if you do a lot of surveying there are areas that you will need to know with respect to the WCS planning tool and Cisco Spectrum Expert.

Now I admit that I do not use these tools every day so I spent a little time on WCS and read through the Spectrum Expert stuff.

The Quick learning guide from Cisco Press was great as any areas I was not 100% on I done a little studying.

It probably helped iron out any wrinkles I had as well in best practices etc.

Overall pretty straightforward if you know your stuff.

Already booked IAUWS for later this month and started reading the Quick Learning Guide, I must say there are a few more grey areas than there were for the CUWSS as there are a few things you dont work on often, and some not at all so onwards and hopefully upwards.

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