Saturday, 1 May 2010


Well tomorrow I intend to start studying my CCNP, I have been trying to get a little bit done all week but have been quite busy in work.

I went up to my lab a few nights ago and decided to setup the access server just to be ready, unfortunately it took alot longer than I anticipated as the Cisco 2612 that I was intending to use with an NM-16A/S just didn't want to play properly. One minute I had a connection from the access server to a router next it was gone when I went to check the cable moved and I got connectivity so you naturally think faulty connector but there was no consistency, I cut one of the ends off the octal cable and remade it but it didn't fix the issue.

Finally I took the NM-16A/S out of the Cisco 2612 and put it in a Cisco 2610, cut and pasted the configuration into the cli and kerching!!! Everything worked sweet as can be. Wasted hours but learned a great deal about setting up access servers which is actually really easy. However I had wasted  too much tome and that was that.

I intend to go through the CCNP ROUTE book cover to cover and lab up as much as I can. I will also use some videos, Cisco PEC and I bought the CCNP BSCI Lab Portfolio.

I will be starting EIGRP tomorrow and as routing is my weakest area of the CCNP it will be a struggle to get my CCNP ROUTE. I know I can do it but its if I can do it as quickly as I want to so I can get on with wireless study.

This will obviously distract me from my wireless studies but I will fit some in during my CCNP R&S studies. However I am committed to getting the CWNA aswell in the next few months so it will all be fun.

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