Thursday, 13 May 2010

Free Books

Where do I start, lets just say I am very suprised by Pearson Education.

You see they have a book review program and I got to find out about it and asked if I could review a few books that were coming out hoping I could get a seaky peak at a few wireless books as there are some new ones out this year.

Well I got an eamail with a list of books, non wireless but certainly a few that I was interested in. I replied to them saying which books I was genuinely very interested in and a week or so later took delivery.

Awesome scheme.

I spend quite a lot on books, study materials, hardware and exams so was really impressed.

Well as I said after a little email ping pong I now have a copy of "Securing the Bordeless Network" by Tom Gillis.

Initial thoughts are it looks good and I will certainly learn a few things but I have to review it so I am busily reading through it.

But hey, what a great scheme.

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