Saturday, 15 May 2010

Google Boobs again!!!!!!

Well well well who would have thought it!

Google after many accusations of spying, infringing peoples privacy and controversy over mapping wi-fi networks with their Street View program have come clean and admitted collecting information sent over wireless networks.

Well I personally think that they now have a lot to answer for, after all its quite difficult to do accidentally, mapping wi-fi networks would be an entirely different process than authenticating to the networks and downloading data. In my view its at the very least very poor project management and obviously a complete lack of knowledge about what they were doing, at the worst its spying and theft of data.

To turn around after three years and say we didn't know well I'm sorry Google I don't believe you. You have been caught with your pants down, hand in the cookie jar, however you want to call it.

I doubt it will go legal but who the hell is monitoring these people.

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