Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Nice Rack!!!!

Yeah thought that might get some attention!

Well here is a photo of my rack that will see me through my CCNP and beyond. Its nearly all my own gear and even though its in a nice Skeletek rack and to me looks great my better half won't let me have it in the lounge.

And here are my access points

Anyway here is the run down

3 x Cisco 2620XM routers each with a pair of WIC-1Ts installed
2 x Cisco 2610XM routers each with a single WIC-1T
1 x Cisco 2610 router with a single WIC-1T
1 x Cisco 2610 router with an NM-16A/S used as a terminal server
1 x Cisco 2613 router, yes it has a token ring port.
1 x Cisco 1841 router with a pair of WIC-2Ts, I need to buy cables.
2 x 2501
1 x 2522 FR switch
1 x 2521

3 x Cisco 3550 EMI switches
1 x Cisco 3560-8 EMI for poe for the access points.b

1 x Cisco 2006 WLC
3 x Cisco 1242AG access points
2 x Cisco 1230 access points
1 x Cisco 1131AG access point
1 x Cisco 1252 access point

1 x Dell GX620 4GB of RAM
1 x Dell Poweredge 1800 Dual Xeon 3.2GHz 4GB of RAM running VMWare ESXi4.0

Running in VMWare ESX4.0 I have a small test domain with Windows Server 2003 and 2008 to familiarise myself with IAS and NPS. I also run Cisco WCS and ACS.

Running in VMWare ESX3.5 I Cisco Guest NAC appliance and Cisco MSE.

What do I want to add? Well thats the $64000 question.

I am buying a Cisco WLC 4402 this week.

Another Cisco 1841 router would be nice.

There will be an ASA 5505 going in.

A pair of Cisco 3560 switches would be real nice.

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